Having opened in March of 2019, Simply Suite Salon is a newly designed and trend setting salon for hairstylists who are looking to rent a chair for their business. You are your own boss! Whether you are looking to continue your journey as a hair stylist, or start anew by venturing out on your own for the first time --- eager to build a wide network of clientele -- Simply Suite is here to accommodate your needs.

We are a collective of professional entrepreneurs, and as such, this space allows you to stay connected to the newest trends, receive continuing education, as well as bolster your portfolio with new and collaborated ideas with business owners just like yourself. As a small cosmetology community that has been cultivated for client wellness, we would like everyone to feel welcomed, pampered, and invigorated!

Being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibilities. That being said, we are here to help nurture your talent, give you a space to follow your dreams, and be there to celebrate you for who you are! You are Strong, Courageous and Resourceful! Our commitment to one another at Simply Suite is to respect one another and grow as a creative team to benefit not only our clients, but also our businesses. If this rings true to you, and you would like to join the team, please click "Rent Today!" to start your journey!